Frequently asked questions about bathtubs and bathtub repair.


Frequently asked questions about bathtubs and bathtub repair. How long does a repair take?

Most repairs can be completed in 1 day, ready to use the next morning.

I have a large chip on the corner that looks horrible, what can be done?

This is what we do, let our professionals fill, repair and blend this chip so no one can ever see where it was.

There is a crack about 6-7 inches long, what can be done?

It may require only filling or patching but we can make this go away. We can also add an SRS (Slip Resistant Surface) to make the bottom of you tub safer and help avoid slipping.

I have a large hole in my tub when I fell and my knee cracked the side and it is leaking, can this be fixed or do I have to replace the bathtub?

Forget about replacing the tub, as this is way too costly. We can patch, sand and fill, then blend to make the hole disappear. This stops the leaking immediately and looks like there was never a hole.

There some scratches that I cannot get off, why?

Most times these scratches are deeper and have taken off the surface color. We can make these go away with our bonding products.

What do you do to match the color of my tub?

Our tint professionals have years of experience and can match about any color. Our products can also be custom ordered to match those unusual tub colors.

The bottom of my tub looks dirty but I clean it all the time. What can I do?

Chances are, the bottom has been worn down from years of scrubbing. It will never become clean again with traditional tub cleaning. The bottom needs to be resurfaced and this is a great time to put down an SRS (Slip Resistant Surface).

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we are insured and offer a 5 year residential warranty and 2 year commercial warranty.