Repair Your Tub Today

Bathtub repair is the best way to get your cracked, chipped or scratched tub back to its beautiful condition once again.

Tub repair is much more affordable than tub replacement. There are so many home repair, DIY kits, but it is important to let a professional get your tub back to its new, original condition. Our professionals use waterproof resins to fill unsightly cracks and chips.

We use a remarkable method that bonds to the tub surface, virtually becoming apart of the original fixture. We then blend the repair so it matches perfectly with the original tub surface. You will enjoy many more years of service from your bathtub.

  • We are a locally owned and operated business serving Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas.
  • We have years of experience repairing damage to bathtubs, showers, and sinks.
  • We do both residential and commercial work.
  • All of our work is guaranteed

No matter what kind of bathtub you have, we can repair those ugly chips, dings and scratches that you see every time you look at your tub. Many tubs/showers are damaged from years of use and as time goes one, they only get worse. Our process will not only repair the cracks and scratches but it will look as if there was never any damage to the bathtub. The tub will also be stronger than the original tub.

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